Proud signer of Boycott Made in China campaign.

Mission Statement:

Provide cycling as a true replacement for automobile use

e.g.: Support humans in recovering from our shared psychosis that requires some of us to haul 4,000 lbs of metal with them everywhere they go at the expense of our priceless shared biosphere.

Commuter Bicycles is dedicated to bicycle advocacy first and foremost. We do not feature mountain bikes, nor do we sell racing bikes. We focus on effective, all weather, transportation cycles. Within that scope, we strive to support and refine new models of what a transportation bicycle is. We tailor to a clientele with extremely diverse needs. Our oldest rider will be ninety five this month, and our longest distance rider commutes forty miles daily. Santa Barbara is at sea level and our facility is located at the base of a four thousand foot mountain range that is home to much of our clientele. This diversity motivates one of our current goals; to assemble an affordable, fully equipped, all weather bicycles weighing no more than twenty two pounds. Our by appointment only shops ensure that we address each riders unique needs by providing start to finish one-on-one attention.

In addition, we have a direct public interaction project which introduces tourists from around the world to the grace of human powered vehicles. This project involves partnering with New World Rickshaw to re-legitimize the Santa Barbara pedicab industry, a much appreciated local service.

We envision future expansion to include rental and bicycle tour services and involvement with the creation of a Santa Barbara bike station.