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Shimano Nexus Auto-D Inter-4 Automatic Shifting System with roller brake - SALE

  • Rare find - we have the last of these amazing Shimano systems.  See more pictures below the text to the right.


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Up to 15% discount for people who use bikes to commute to work or school.

Most cars have automatic transmissions. Why not your bicycle? This is a completely automatic 4-speed shifting system. Shimano made the Auto-D Inter-4 system for a short time before discontinuing it and beginning production of the current, lower-quality, 3-speed system. We have eight of the Inter-4 systems, brand-new, in the box, with all necessary parts, hardware, battery, and instructions. These systems also include Shimano’s hub-mounted roller brake, which you can use with virtually any standard brake lever. All you need to do in order to use the system is have a shop build a wheel around the hub and install the system on your bike! Once installed, all you have to do is jump on your bike, turn the system on, and ride - the computerized system will select the appropriate gear for you based on your speed. If you wish, you can select an "aggressive" shifting mode, which shifts at different speed levels, or you can set it to manual and have electronic push-button shifting.

We have not heard about or seen any other remaining new Auto-D Inter-4 systems anywhere. To our knowledge we have the last few new ones that remain on the market - once these are gone, there are no others! If you have questions about the system or would like to order one, please contact us.

You can get more (technical) info on the system on Shimano's website here: http://techdocs.shimano.com/media/techdocs/content/


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